About Us
To provide a structure that will ensure interaction and communication, improve quality, coordinate health information and information systems in the healthcare industry for the welfare of the public.
  • Create and encourage an environment conducive to promoting HIM practices and emerging HIM occupations.
  • Increase membership beyond acute and alternative settings.
  •  Educate and collaborate with professional alliances.
  • Expose the HIM profession beyond the healthcare arena.
Getting started with membership is easy...
Membership fees:
Active membership $35.00  
Student membership $20.00  
Or make check/money order out to:
South Florida Health Information Management Association
And mail application below with fee to:
Att: Mary Worsley, Treasurer
P.O. Box 900862
Homestead, FL 33090
Download application here.*
note: you can type right on the application
on screen and then print it when you're done.
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