To provide a structure that will ensure interaction and communication, improve quality, coordinate health information and information systems in the healthcare industry for the welfare of the public.
  • Create and encourage an environment conducive to promoting HIM practices and emerging HIM occupations.
  • Increase membership beyond acute and alternative settings.
  •  Educate and collaborate with professional alliances.
  • Expose the HIM profession beyond the healthcare arena.
Contact boardmembers and staff...
Shirley Coney, President   Jean Zenobia, Director
sfhimaboard@gmail.com   jeanzenobia@gmail.com
Cheryl Thompson, Director   Joann Cain, Director
ccthomp@bellsouth.net   joanncain@outlook.com
Azia Powell, Director   Mary Worsley, Treasurer
azia_powell@yahoo.com   mworsley3@gmail.com 
Lena Perez, Student Liason   Lesly Carreras, FHIMA Liason
Cassandra Malone   Webmaster & Photography
cass_malone@yahoo.com info@noahsphotography.com