Welcome to SFHIMA
from the President...
This is an exciting time to be a Health Information Management professional with the many changes that are upon us now and in the near future. Therefore, it is just as important to be a member of the national, state, and regional Health Information Management Associations. South Florida Health Information Management Association (SFHIMA) is an energetic organization providing current and relevant educational sessions related to your career.

Our profession is always under constant scrutiny in relation to what is a Health Information Management (HIM) Professional and what knowledge do we provide to an organization. Most organizations underestimate our abilities and expertise; but we are healthcare organizations’ heart for data analysis, information retrieval and reporting, reimbursements, compliance, finance, credentialing, and legal issues, just to name a few.   HIM professionals can function in an array of job venues that may be unexpected and unique to some of us; but necessary for our ever changing healthcare and legal systems. 

Shirley Coney